About2Blessen Varghese, after having completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communications, had a blink-and-you-miss stint with a media company, till he moved on to a leading IT Company. After nearly eight years in the Corporate sector, answering the call of duty from the Almighty, and according to the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, he moved on to do full-time ministry, where his vision is to drive millions to the Throne of Grace by showing them the Cross (love of Christ) and the Empty Tomb (living God).

Prior to finding the love of God, Blessen says his life was a complete mess and was a “white-washed tomb!” But God had chosen him as he was being formed inside his mother’s womb. Despite “not being worthy, it was just HIS Amazing Grace that could choose a wretch like me,” he says.

Blessen is currently the Director of Evangelism for Mahaneh-Dan Fellowship, while also taking care of office administration and communications for the ministry. Mahaneh-Dan Fellowship is a ministry co-founded by his father, Pastor P.T. Varghese, whom he considers one of his biggest inspirations. He is also involved with the Rebuilders group as part of its core team. Blessen is also a mentor and a friend to many youngsters, and loves ministering to them through the Living Word of God.

Writing is one of his passions, and this website is nothing more than an honest attempt to pursue that passion further. Blessen lives with his parents – Pastor P.T.Varghese, Gracy Varghese – whose prayers are why where he is right now, brother Aby Varghese – whom he has always looked upto, sister-in-law Nisy Aby and his three smart and cute nephews Jonathan, Jeremiah and Josiah, two of whom he boasts he christened.