Today, we got our quiz papers of the News Reporting Module and well… it actually seems that my “time under the sun” has come!! I got a 20/20!!!This time I guess I dont have to check my students handbook to find my grade out! I am so sure it’s gonna be my last!!! So lemme just savour the moment and would like to show my gratitude in a true filmy style vote of thanks…. So here comes the list…

  1. First of all I would like to thank my God for giving me the brain which works brilliantly when I want to take blind shots at my answers! Thanks also for the fact that YOU didn’t send down on any rain on the day of the test!!!
  2. I would like to thank my parents and my brother Aby for having allowed me to stay with them for more than 20 years… Honestly they could (and should) have thrown me out long back!
  3. I would like to thank my friends and classmates…. Bijoy, Pooja, Rishi, Khwaja, Vanessa, Rajesh, Priyanka, Gayathri etc etc.. for their support!!! *wipes a tear*
  4. Thanks also to our dear Prof. Jahangir Patel for giving me back to back B+ and above grades!!!
  5. I would also like to thank our course co-ordinators for having given me a chance to do this course!!! *overwhelmed by emotions*
  6. I would like to thank my other good friends like Sneha, Carlo, Jaz, Vijesh and Shijo for…. umm…. I dunno why but I feel like thanking whenever I do so! *salutes them*
  7. I would like to thank the shopkeeper from whom I bought the pen that I wrote the quiz with for had he not given me the pen I would have had to borrow it from some one…. So thanks also to that someone from whom I would have had to borrow!
  8. Thanks also to our doodhwala & paperwala for delivering milk and newspaper respectively at our house….. umm….wait a minute they dont DELIVER stuff to my home… we GO and BUY it!!! Well… thanks anyways!!!
  9. Thank You…Indian Railways (Central Railways) … for having run ur trains from Thakurli to VT (read CST) without much of an hindrance thus, helping me to reach college in time and thus, enabling me to write the test!
  10. Thanks also to the watchmen at the gates of Xavier’s for allowing me to enter despite me not having the i-card around my neck! *sniff*
  11. Thanks also to Sahara News for NOT having put ‘us’ on air!!! (The 11 “loosers” knows the 5 Ws and the H of this incident) *winks*
  12. And finally I am so grateful to the select few who read this piece of crap and would still not encourage thoughts of killing me!!! *runs for safer ground b4 being shot from the back*

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For all those who read my previous post… it so happens that I did NOT actually get an A grade in the assignment that I was talking about! It was infact only a B+! So the error is regretted but cant be forgiven since it is highly unacceptable in journalism wherein I jumped into a conclusion before checking the facts!!! Damn!!! I should have read my students hand book b4 declaring myself to be in the group of elite… What had actually happened was that I got a seven out of ten in our News Reporting Module which technically meant I got 70% WHICH I THOUGHT was good enough for an A grade but wasn’t! In the words of our Dean Ms. Jane Swamy “It was absolutely unprofessional” on my part to do so….!!! But it’s ok… I still enjoyed (to quote Pooja) “my time in the sun.”

P.S.: Ms. Jane Swamy’s quote was directed at the whole class in a different context and NOT just at me!!!

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from D to A… A Giant Leap!

Do I need to add anything more? The title itself conveys the message across (if you have read my previous post)! A great learner one would say… i would disagree… Both grades were for two different modules altogether! But an A is an A- no matter what! So here i am basking in glory albeit for a li’l while… Till then lemme enjoy my little-more-than 15 seconds of fame…. fame? what fame? my paper wasn’t even read even though I was amongst the elite cause’ our dear absent minded professor misplaced one paper belonging to a certain ‘Blessen Varghese’! So I would reframe it to ‘a-little-more-than 15 seconds of joy’ !!!

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Of Grades and Assigments!

My 1st blog after my 1st!!! For all those who came in late… I am now a Post Graduate Diploma student of Journalism at XIC. And for those who doesn’t know what & where XIC is, u need a reality check! Sixth year into Xavier’s!!! Things are going great here albeit hectic with a bagful of assignments which are to be ‘typed double-spaced’ every second day! But the funny part is I don’t really get a feeling of being in Xavier’s again… I dunno why and it’s tough to explain!!!

As far as the assignments go, my start was a decent one with my project group getting a B+ (we have a grading system). But a decline was on the cards and as expected I took my ‘1st step towards success’ when I got a D in one of my assignments. I’ll have to get used to these Ds since many more of these are on the way. I dunno what’s next and I care a damn about it!

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