People ask me- why do I believe in God so much? What is it that makes me not want to miss any of my Sundays for ‘worldly activities’? What is it that makes me believe in a “supernatural force?”…
All I can say is I owe my life to Jesus not just because I believe He died for my sins but here’s one more reason why!!! Lemme just narrate an experience (which my mom narrated to me) which happened to me…
My dad was serving as a pastor in a Ghatkopar church back in 1987. We used to live in the parsonage attached along with the church. I was about two-and-a-half years old and was suffering from chicken-pox and some sort of an allergy. Suddenly my health took a turn for the worse! My body temperature shot up to alarming degrees! I was lying in my mom’s hands- red hot!
I somehow manage to ask mom to give me a fruit of grape. Mummy puts the little grape into her little son’s mouth. Chewing the grape seemed like a great effort. I manage to gulp it in. A few seconds later, mummy hears a strange sound that came out of my tummy.
Her little son stops breathing. He lies there- motionless- in her shivering hands like a “burnt stick.”
Thampichaya….. Kochu Poyi!!!” (the child’s dead!!!) she cries out! My dad comes along and sees no movement in my formerly active body. “Was it the same child I saw about a week back standing with a cricket bat in one corner shouting out to his brother ‘eyi eyi (throw the ball)’?” he wonders!
He places my static body into the mightier hand of God. My parents cries out to the One that blessed them with Blessen. A few minutes pass by as my body lays there still breathless.
But suddenly, they notice a movement in the tiny structure that they had placed before God! Blessen’s breathing again!!! Their little kid is back!!! The kid gets a little speck on the cheek from his pappa and a huge hug from his mummy.
So here I am about 18 and a half years later still moving, breathing and praising the One I owe my life to!!!

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