New Look!

So now my blog has a new look and a new feel to it!!!
Well, apparently the old template with the black background somehow did not suit my kinda blog! My dear friend from Mulund- Sami Jose- thought it gave out a pessimistic feeling!!! So, I decided to take her advice and here it is!!! A new look to my good ol’ blog! The tinge of blue gives a “feeling of hope”… So, thanks a lot to Ms. Jose for her idea!!!

And just for the record… just because my template has changed doesn’t mean my writing’s going to change too!!! It will still be crappy!!! So, enjoy the new look guys with the same old sad writer!!!

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I love you more than anything else on this earth
I love you more than anyone else on this earth
I love you more than anything else
I love you more than anyone else
I love you more than anything
I love you more than anyone
I love you more than (?)
I love you more
I love you
Love You

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An interesting conversation between Pooja and yours truly resulted in us coming out with a solution for the ‘disputed site’ at Ayodhya!!! We thought it will be great if we grant the site a heritage status and make it a tourist attraction!!! The ‘disputed site’ will then be a great revenue-generating tourist sight!!! The brochure/placard a decade or two hence, will read something like:

Here is the great disputed site of Ayodhya… owned by NONE at the moment but claimed by ALL!!! A great structure used to stand at this place not too long ago… The site’s case is the longest running judicial process in the history of this country… While walking around the site, you might bump into axe, hammers etc… Remember, those are no ordinary hammers!!! You just kicked a part of history…. cause’ these very instruments were used to bring down that structure!!! Please be kind enough to hand over those materials to the museum nearby which is another one of our attractions… The Disputed Site Museum contains the photographs of the architects of destruction!!!
Surely, this venture will be a major tourist attraction, perhaps better even than the Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar!!!

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So here I was, on my way to college when I suddenly this man in khaki walking towards me… He has a little khaki jhola hanging from his right shoulder!!! Hmm… when was the last time I ever saw a guy in khakis with a khaki jhola… December? Nope, November:?Nay, October? Maybe, but I dont remember, September: vague memories of him coming to my house in Thakurli to get a registered mail signed!!! Ever since I moved in to Sarvoday Shilp, I don’t recall one instance of seeing that good ol’ messenger!!! It’s a digital world after all!!!
And when was the last time I ever got a postal mail??? (not that I get many) hmm… Lemme just try to rewind back…
December, November, October, September, August, July? Naah! Never!
June? Ah… Yes!! I got one addressed to my name from my college inviting me to join the Alumni Association!!!

And just when I thought no one sends me any mail (poor me!), I glance through a few mails lying on my dining table and suddenly voila!!! A mail addressed to my name… But, I dont even bother opening it! It’s from this organization called the Life Insurance Corporation!!! So much so for my three whole seconds of excitement!!!

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New Year…

First of all, lemme wish the few who read my blog (altho I have already wished you all)…. A belated Happy New Year…!!!
So, people have been asking me how my new year went… well… lemme begin with the stroke of midnight itself!!! How about this for a start? Someone flicked the NIKE shoes my dad had got a month or so back from Nepal!!! I was at the midnight worship service in my church and we remove our footwear outside our church and of course, someone walking past liked it a lot. God bless the poor soul! Anyway, I would like to believe this happened at the end of 2005 rather than at the beginning for 2006. Lesson: Do NOT wear your NIKEs to church!
Evening, I was at our Inter-Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) meeting in Ulhasnagar. I took this plug and tried to put it into the plug-hole to put the light on when suddenly, the outer covering of the plug gave way and I dont think I need to describe any further. All I’ll say is I had no clue what was going on for about a second or two. Lesson: When someone’s preaching inside, listen to him and Do NOT play with electricity!!!
So, this was the “SHOCKING” (literally) start to my new year!!!
And oh yeah… my good ol’ Nokia 3315 fell for the 30th time and this time it was quite a fall… from the platform to the railway track!!!
And besides, we FINALLY have cable-net!!! Ye ye ye!! So, end to worries regarding rising telephone bills!!!

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