“From a life without limbs to a life without limits”- Thus read the entry pass for the programme that featured Nick Vujicic. Few around the world have already heard this name. Many among this few have had a positive impact because of Nick’s words!

A few months ago, I had received a forward from a dear friend, where Nick shares his testimony. Ever since, I have had this desire within me to see the miracle, that is Nick, in person or at least hear him speak. My prayers were answered as my brother called me up early on a Saturday morning to tell me that Nick is in town and he will be speaking that evening next to Wilson’s. I called up Deepak, a good friend and one of the organizers of the meeting, to book two entry-passes (free, of course) for my brother and me.

Nick is a motivational speaker. But as Nick makes his entry, the crowd of 700 stands up to give a well-deserved ovation for this warrior of Christ. There is a wave of sympathy flowing across that BVB auditorium. The reason—as is evident from the lines on the entry pass, this speaker from down under was born without limbs (a body minus hands or legs). This wave, however, doesn’t last too long! One would expect a person with a disability as that of Nick to be soft-spoken. All the initial assumptions are laid to rest and Nick starts off by shouting Hallelujah to God! The glow and happiness on Nick’s face is worth a thousand pictures!

“I was angry with God for creating me this way,” said Nick about the initial phases of realization about his disability. He complained constantly and at one stage, almost thought of ending his life! He kept asking God to give him hands and legs and thus, let him lead a normal life. But then, he stumbled upon John Chapter 9, where Jesus was asked by a few in the crowd the reason for a blind man’s situation. Jesus answered, “He was born this way so that the glory of God can be revealed through him.” Nick got his answer. God had said “No” to Nick’s request. But Nick knew it was for the better! For God had seen a purpose behind his condition. Nick quit complaining from thereon and gave his life for Jesus Christ. Little would this handsome guy have known that not only his life but lives of those around him would undergo a dramatic change as well. Nick now saw a purpose behind his life. He stopped dwelling on his problems for he knew that his God was mightier than all his problems. Nick completed his Bachelors degree and now aims higher!

The gathering was just awe-struck by what Nick offered them that Saturday evening. It was a whole package of happiness and hope. Every third sentence from Nick called for applause. The applause, however, was for his Saviour, who had changed his life! Nick says that if God had given him arms and legs when he had cried out, he might never have been a motivational speaker. He might never have been able to pull in the crowd that he can today! True… very true… It was because of Nick’s condition and the gift God gave him to remain happy in that condition that made him such a darling to all.

Nick loves freaking people out and sees the positive side to everything in life! He remembers the time when he freaked out a little kid after the latter thought the former was an alien!

He remembers how he freaks people out on the beach, by suddenly sprouting of the water like a strange amphibian!

He remembers the time when a huge wave crashed against him as he was swimming to throw him completely off guard and deep inside the water. Nick had drowned, or so thought his friends around him. But Nick was holding his breath deep inside the waters waiting for the waves to pass! And as waves calmed down, Nick emerged out of water to get back to swimming! “Waves crashing against your lives shall pass!” Nick declares.

There is no fakeness in this Aussie’s happiness. The joy of the Lord is reflected all over his face and body language. Nick knows that his sufferings are nothing when compared to what his Saviour suffered for him on the cross, leaving all the pleasures of heaven behind!

Nick then calls on to the crowd, describing to them what Jesus Christ did for them on the cross of calvary. Some youth teary-eyed, some others smiling, as they called Jesus Christ in their lives. Their lives will never be the same again.

Next up, Nick prays for the sick. And immediately, the results are there to be seen as a beautiful young lady from the front walks on to the stage. She had fallen off the stairs just half an hour before the programme and could barely move her arms. She came forward and hugged Nick, moving her arms, unable to talk fluently as the joy just engulfed her!

Not a single person who came to the auditorium that day left disappointed. They came to see a person without limbs. They went back seeing a person without limits!

I dedicated the 50th post of this blog to Nick Vujicic, who definitely has changed my outlook towards life! Considering that I it took me more than three months to post my 5oth, despite already having some stock of other posts, shows the impact Nick has had in me!

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