Return of the blogger!

“This blog will not be functioning for sometime due to the unavailability of the blogger for the coming days.” I had intended to publish this and take a break from blogging! But then it dawned to me that I’d have to put his up every once in a while as I am a disgrace to the phrase— ‘regular blogger’. And then the reason for unavailability is pure sluggishness and so, I have no right to put that up!

Many, I believe, paid a visit to my blog expecting another one of those drama-cum-suspense written blog about anything and everything, but they all got bored by “Yes, I loved her!!!” And I am now getting bored by regular cries of “Blessen, update your blog!” (Unbelievable, but true! People love reading my nonsense)!

So, what all have happened since I posted about my love life?

1. To begin with, I am still with my love and may not forsake her for a couple of months at least! And if you are a late-comer to my blog, then realisation will dawn only after you read my last post.

2. I have completed a year after getting into the ‘earning class’ category.

3. I have grown my French beard again (only the second time in my life), but will soon be off again!

4. My back continues to trouble me, but Jesus, my Saviour is in control of that.

5. I was told that I’d have a chance to go to Australia sometime in November-December for six to seven months as part of the onsite team for the third phase of a project I worked last. I am not sure about this, for all you know, I might be selling coconuts at Dhobi Talao then! Why coconuts at Dhobi Talao? That’s a random statement! You guys should have known me by now!

6. Many of my friends have gone off from Mumbai either for further studies or through transfers!

7. I finally have a passport after all the fuss with the police! (This deserves another post)

8. And, I am still a mallu!!!

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