Reporting Times?
Me: 1030-1040
Him: 11 or later

‘Breaks’ between work?
Me: Interacting with other colleagues, so as to take my eyes of the computer. A little break of 10 minutes after every hour. This helps in refreshing my mind and body (especially THE back).
Him: Work in between the breaks. Orkut through the day. Go over to other colleagues/friends and chat with them. The occasional work helps in refreshing lazy bones.

Me: Finish off my work in the allotted time or faster.
Him: Outsources work to other TM and colleagues who are at the same level.

But, who gets the firing/blame?
Me (and my teammates): Yes!
Him: Nope, sticking around with the ‘higher hands’ helps! How can the one who fires get fired himself?

Finally, the Punishment?
Me (and my teammates): An explanation, a threat for an increase in workload. (In one colleague’s case, the threatening turned to reality).
Him: …ahem…

I believe you’ve got to encounter such characters at least once in your lifetime. They do teach you a few lessons, and the most important of them being, “Do not always ‘follow the leader'”!!!!

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