The Guide!

If you are a regular to this blog, then chances are that you might have stumbled upon a couple of blogs on the lifeline of Mumbai- The good ol’ local trains!!! And it still continues to amaze this regular-turned-irregular blogger!!!

Wednesday morning’s 9:56 slow local starting from Dombivli had a visitor. He hopped in, rather, was helped inside the compartment in which I had set my foot in about 10 minutes early. This was a blind man who, like me, was on his way to work. On the contrary, his work had already begun. He had a begging bowl in his hand. And what is so ‘amazing’ about a blind beggar in a local train. Of course, that’s not something new! Not at all, if you happen to miss the ‘guide’ who was helping the blindman across the compartment — a healthy street mongrel!!!

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