The firm of which I am a ‘proud’ part, recently started a ‘Massage Service’ at our gym. Currently, it’s open for all male ‘associates’ (as our company would like to describe its employees). Of course, it is NOT free of charge and I’m not too sure if it is subsidized either. The payment, to be made directly to masseur, is Rs. 100/- for half an hour and Rs. 200/- for one hour of massaging! I am a regular to the massaging centre and I can assure the few reading this blog, that, this is a total rip off!!! I get my massaging done at Rs. 125/- on a monthly basis! That too, twice, for duration of half an hour every day for five days a week! And trust me, the massaging is of the highest quality too!!! Take my word, no other place will ever come close! And to top it all, you get many masseurs for and at your service at one time! Price ranges might vary as per the duration everyday, but never out of your limit! Amazing deal right? So, where and how would you get this service?

Just get inside the 0945 fast local and you’d know!!!

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