One day from death!

Except for the fact that my outgoing calls became active again after my cell was flicked the previous Sunday, 23rd of January seemed to be another one of those ‘days in office’. At least till about noon, when my stomach decided to remind me of its presence. No, it wasn’t ‘upset’ but it sure was going bonkers! And I wasn’t enjoying it least bit! The pain was just getting unbearable to the point where I could barely sit on my chair. And soon, I was down on the floor grabbing my tummy rolling with pain. My project teammates got tensed and tried their best to cool me down. But the heat was definitely on me and the sweat on my forehead was another indication that not everything was alright with my body. Eno, Digene etc. brought no relief. My concerned friends, Ullhas, Nishant, Kuldeep and Rishad took me to the nearby Lok Hospital.

The doc at Lok was suspicious of something, not completely sure of what, but she ordered for a sonography, which, if I opted to admit myself there, could happen only in the evening. Friends called my mom and an obviously worried mom preferred to have me somewhere close to her than four stations and a few more miles away! The painkiller’s effect ensured that I could reach home safely, accompanied by Nis and Kul of course. Had a light lunch at 4:30, but I could almost feel the rice entering my stomach! ‘Weird” I thought, “I’ve never felt this way before.” A little sleep and I might be alright when the medicines given from Lok will take its effect. Or so I thought! Wasn’t to be! As soon as the painkiller’s effect died, I was rolling in bed with extreme pain. Soon, I was vomiting. My lunch was out of my stomach after making its presence within! Poor mom was really worried. I was stopping her from taking me to the hospital. Dad was away at Kolkotta and Abychayan and chechi had left for US two Mondays ago. Both, my mom and I thought this could be a case of food poisoning and acidity. The vomiting just wouldn’t stop and through the night, I was groaning and moaning with pain. Mummy too didn’t sleep that entire night.

Wednesday morning—the pain, groans and vomiting continued! Mom had already informed our neighbours the previous night about my condition and she told them in the morning. The uncle forced me to accompany him to his family doc, who quickly prompted for a sonography. I was yet to have something and sonography could be done faster. The result was conveyed over the phone to the doc and I realized not everything was alright.

Soon, I was in the hospital, getting admitted for the first time in my 23 or so years of breathing in and out! The loose hospital uniform signaled that I was going to be a prisoner to the room for sometime. I was told that I have an appendicitis problem and will have to be operated that very night. A blood test result little later confirmed that the problem wasn’t a minor one as my WBC count had increased three times over causing a serious infection problem. Now, I started shivering too and three blankets couldn’t stop my teeth from shattering! I was thirsty, and not a drop of water had passed through my throat ever since I was in hospital. I just couldn’t drink water, as per the advice of the doc. Not even a drop was to be on my lips! Mom, all those from church and my friends were really worried!

“Gimme a drop of water or put me off to sleep by some medicine,” I was getting desperate. I could now imagine what hell would be like. I now know, what the rich man in hell meant when he asked Father Abraham for a drop of water on his tongue! On second thoughts, I didn’t want to imagine what hell would be like cause’ I am sure it is even more fearsome!!! I was just waiting for being in the OT for that would mean an end to my ordeal and a dose of anesthesia would ensure me dozing off!

Eleven at night— I was inside the operation theatre. To say “I was a little nervous” would be an understatement. I wasn’t scared, but I sure wasn’t brave either to face my first stint with a surgeon’s knife.

I had no idea when I was back again to my hospital room for all I remember was that light was off and I started grumbling again for that elusive drop of water! I felt a pain in my stomach, which is when I was told the surgery was complete and the pain’s a result of the stitches. A painkiller shot and another dose of antibiotic ensured I was off to sleep again. Early next morning, I was shown the part which was removed off from me. The appendix seemed bigger than what I had imagined. I was told that it had swollen way too big for comfort! Philomina aunty, also a nurse, and Nisychechi’s dad had seen it even before it was taken out! Yikes!

For the next five days, I was heavily on antibiotics and for two days, I was only surviving on the glucose. My throat and tongue were dry and I could hardly speak now. Didn’t and couldn’t attend any phone calls. Was relieved when I was told that by Saturday morning, I could drink something, but strange as it may sound, now I didn’t feel like drinking, let alone eating! The antibiotics had taken its toll and my tongue had lost its sense of taste! And in any case, I wasn’t a big fan of kanji—the only thing I was ordered to gulp for sometime! Even tea was tasteless! At least for me, it seemed like!

I took my first step to the floor after operation on Sunday afternoon. And it seemed like an eternity! My first step brought with it, a flood of forehead sweat, and breathlessness! My ‘first step’ lasted for a good 15 seconds and off I went back to the bed trying to catch my breath. But soon, I overcame that and was walking albeit slowly!

Monday morning and I was out on bail from my first ever experience of hospital admission vowing to the nurses there, never to be back to the room!

Allow me to get a bit senti here, but I was really touched by the many messages, calls and visits made by my near-and-dear ones! Really meant a lot to me when people from far and wide made visits and calls (even international)! Showed how much they all loved me!!!
So, what was so great about a ‘normal’ appendix operation? I was told after the operation, that I wasn’t too far away from being on the other shore. One more day’s wait or a couple of meals to my stomach could have been fatal! Not many who has had a leaked appendix were lucky to have it operated before it got ruptured and hardly a few who had a ruptured appendix lived to tell the tale. I did! And it’s just my faithful and merciful Saviour who has great and mighty plans for me who helped me to continue breathing. Am I making this thing sound big? Not one bit! Ask my doc and the many qualified nurses, who I’m sure, would testify with me!

How can I thank Jesus, my Saviour enough? For I know, I was just one day away from death, if it wasn’t for His ‘otherwise’ plans!

Psalm 23:4: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.


  1. A narrow escape, indeed! My advice to you: If is pain is that bad, get it checked out by a doc! Don’t wait this long!

  2. I didn’t!! The pain came without any warning!!! The next day I was at the doc!!! In fact, that very day I was!!

  3. Hey..u know..i had tears in my eyes after reading this…it made me think…how great our Almighty God is….

  4. God is good….all the time…..I don’t need to tell you that you are always in my prayers 🙂 Welcome back!!!

  5. Praise God!!
    Thank God for His perfect plans in your life:)
    God bless you Blessen!!

  6. Anonymous

    scary man blessen! Bless you!!
    You are lucky 🙂 and thats good na! -RT

  7. Hey Blessen.. was a shock to know abt ure health.. but that din last long.. coz i know that Our Lord’s everflowin grace and love is always wid u.. His angels guard and protect His chosen ones.. ure one of them.. Praise God ure well.. Will continue prayin for u..

    Hey Love ure blog.. every line keeps me glued n to read further.. love ure style of puttin the whole thing rite.. enjoy each time i read ure blog.. cheers.. keep it goin..

    God bless..
    Grace and Peace..

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