Home-Management: Cooking!

The headline is a give-away! So I guess I don’t really need to mention much! But me being me, I will!!! So you better read on! It’s my blog!!! (ok, if I continue to be rude, then the select few who visit my blog once in a while will start thinking otherwise… so, please please please stay on! Ok, now that’s the height of desperation!!)

Coming back to ‘home-management’, for more than a month now, I have been living alone! And I really can now empathise those who stay away from their families. Many, if not most, of my friends fall in that category!

“How are you managing?”, “What about the food”—just two of many questions that the concerned keep asking. Actually, those are the only two questions!

Ok, answer to the first question – It’s been a challenge! Was so used to lazying around the house, sitting near the comp, chatting (which still hasn’t changed). Early mornings, was so used to getting my breakfast and the usual cup of coffee served almost at bed, that all I had to worry was to have a bath and dress up on time, so as not to miss my usual 9:46. Well, now I got to do the first two all by myself!

Second question – I can’t cook for nuts (wondering who cooks for ‘nuts’ anyways!)! My usual answer is, “I can’t go hungry!”
“So, you cook by yourself?”
“Well, I eat by myself! The pav-bhajiwala at the hotel next to the station or the egg-bhurjeewala near the new signal corner or an aunty from church, cooks for me!”

I have been so spoilt that I didn’t even know how to even boil an egg, let alone make other stuff out of it! But, as the cliché goes, “there’s a first time for everything!” And there was no better time to begin my “experiments with cooking”! Perhaps the easiest thing other than boiling the egg is to make a bulls-eye! My first attempt wasn’t too bad, although the ‘eye’ wasn’t exactly at the spot where it was ought to be! My next few attempts, barring once or twice, failed miserably! So, what did I do? ‘Scrambled’ it around and gave it a more egg-bhurjee kind of feel! The result?


So, here was Blessen’s Egg-Bhurjee! Ahem… minus the bhurjee… and a lot of other things! The English can call it Blessen’s Scrambled Egg! Usually, a new recipe/dish is born out of an older recipe gone wrong! So, there’s nothing wrong with a Blessen’s Bulls-eye turned Messed-up-s-egg! After all, the experiment’s laboratory is my own stomach!

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Little Jonty is here!

My last update: Sometime in Feb!!! Feb 8th to be precise! At the risk of repeating myself, I am indeed a disgrace to the term “regular blogger”!!

But no better time to update than this! And even as I sit to write this, I got a major problem with what the literature world would call a “writer’s block”! But honestly, at the moment, I care a damn about what I write for yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life! One of those days where my eyes were damp with tears of joy!

Got a call from Abychayan, my bro who is in US, “Little Jonty is out! Little Jonathan is out!!!”
“Congraaaatsssssssss!!!! Wow!!!!!!! You saw him?”
“Yes, I was there inside all this while. Ekdum healthy hain!”
“Oh! Whom does he look like? I guess it’s a little too early too say haan?”
“I guess so, but I think he looks a little like Nisy (that’s my sis-in-law, whom I call chechi).”“Damn coooool yaar!!! I am gonna call up and tell everyone.”

We were talking about the new bundle of joyful addition in our family! My cute little nephew, whom we already had decided to call ‘Jonathan’ aka ‘Jonty’!!! True to the name, ‘given by God’ or a ‘gift of God’!!!

Ahem.. no points for guessing who named him!!! Jonty, the cricketer was always one of my favourite cricketers and our little Jonty too, jumped out two days ahead of the due date! Not surprising!! We are calling him Jonty after all!!!

It’s not the first time that I’ve become an ‘uncle’, although my cousins’ kids consider me more as a brother. This time, it was a different feeling! Just couldn’t thank my God enough!

Congrats to Abychayan and Nisychechi!!! I just can’t wait to see this little angel! I miss him already!!!

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