I met Jonty!

Finally! Here I was… with my favourite little Jonty! The little guy obviously seemed very happy on seeing his uncle! Played with him! Made him laugh! His crying voice was as cute as his toothless grin! We spoke a lot till he was hungry and again went “baaaaaaaah”! Then off he went to sleep in his favourite car-seat only to be woken up by his uncle who wasn’t done with him! Again, they laughed together and spoke! “Jonty is special,” his uncle thought. Seems he speaks with himself! “Gaa gaa gii gii.” Naah! Must be having a light-hearted convo with his beloved creator Dada and praising HIM! (From the lips of children and infants, You have ordained praise, said King David in Psalm 8:2) At last, it was time for me to grab his attention for he was ignoring me for too long now. Found a strange little toy which made an irritating noise and vibrated!

Sheesh! It was my cell phone’s alarm! “6:45 AM” it shouted! Time to get up! Alas! It was only a dream! But I still saw him!

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