Moment of Truth!

Being a holiday, I had nothing better to do than to surf through the many channels- an activity I was alien to for quite a while! And now that the internet at home was down, this seemed like the next best thing to do (come to think of it, there were much better things that I could have done)!!! I am not a regular to any Star World shows, but I had heard about “Moment of Truth” from a colleague and wanted to check it out!

The Moment of Truth is an American show that first aired in Colombia as Nada más que la verdad (“Nothing But the Truth”). Contestants answer a series of 21 increasingly personal and embarrassing questions to receive cash prizes.

Prior to the show, a contestant is hooked up to a polygraph and asked more than 50 questions; there is no polygraph testing conducted during the actual show. Without knowing the results of the polygraph, he or she is asked 21 of those same questions again on the program, each becoming progressively more personal in nature. If the contestant answers honestly, according to the polygraph results, he or she moves on to the next question; however, should a contestant lie in his or her answer (as determined by the polygraph) or simply refuse to answer a question after it has been asked, the game ends. [Source: Wikipedia]

Lauren Cleri, with her husband Frank, brother, sister, mother and father, in front of her, was the contestant on the episode that I happened to watch! “Mera dimaag ko shot lagaa”, I told my colleagues the next day after I saw the episode! I thought the affirmative answer to the question, “Did you ever get fired from a job for stealing?” was embarrassing enough! But what was to follow was even worse!

“Did you have the feeling you were in love with one of your ex-boyfriends on your wedding day?” asked Mark Walberg, the host. “Yes,” Lauren replied!

As if that was bad enough, the host then says, “Next question will not be asked by me, but by a special guest.” The camera’s focus shifts towards an electronic sliding door. Surprisingly, there’s no music. Not even a drum-beat! Or maybe I just didn’t hear! Out walks a guy in a blue shirt with a cue-card in his hand! Lauren’s face turns red as she sees her ex standing in front of her!

The question: “If I ask you out now, would you leave your husband?” Frank’s bows his head down! Lauren looks away! “Do you want to hit the buzzer?” asks Mark looking at Frank. “No, I want to hear her answer,” Frank says looking at Lauren. Lauren’s sister gets up and hits the buzzer which means the question will now be changed! She thought she did some ‘damage control’! Little did she know that the next question was also going to be asked by Lauren’s ex!

“Do you believe I am the guy that you should be spending the rest of your life with?”

Lauren’s eyes told a lot. She answers, “Yes!” Frank slips deeper in his chair!

Jumping on to the next question: “Did you have sexual relationship with anyone other than your husband after your marriage?”

I want to switch channels; I myself do not want to hear the answer and the resultant look on her husband’s face!

“I’d have to be honest and say, Yes!” says Lauren with her husband now looking absolutely distraught!

Did Lauren push the truth too far as the host, Mark Walberg, himself later said to the TV audience, “I strongly believe some things best remain unsaid”? Or was it all done to earn fame and fortune as Lauren told the New York Post later.

I am not too sure if I agree with the concept of the show! It definitely kept me glued, but later had me all disturbed thinking that this might just have broken a family! Or at least have come close to it!

Some might argue that at least now, nothing is hidden! I’d say, why hid it in the first place if you were planning to have a family together. And in any case, the NY Post report says, Frank apparently already knew these things!

Psalm 127:1 – “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it, labour in vain.

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