A few surprises, a few shocks and a few expected results! That’s IPL’s second edition so far! While I am not surprised at the huge turn-out despite it being held in South Africa, I must admit I didn’t expect teams to get bundled out to scores of around 100 and below!

The seven and a half minute strategy break apart, one other thing that has put me off in IPL’s second edition is the choice of colours for team jerseys! Check this out:

  • Mumbai Indians – A shade of sky blue
  • Rajasthan Royals – Dark blue
  • Delhi Daredevils – Prominently blue with red along the sides
  • Deccan Chargers – Another shade of dark blue
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore – Shade of red
  • Kings XI Punjab – Another Shade of Red with white at the sides
  • Chennai Superkings – Yellow
  • Kolkata Knight Riders – Black and golden

No issues with the last two teams as they definitely stand out! But some serious thought need to be given by the teams if they have to maintain some exclusiveness in their jersey colours! While MI and RR already had blue last season, it’s just baffling that DD and DC opted to change to blue! Surely, blue mustn’t have been the only colour in their designing boards! The Daredevils now look like the English cricket team!

Can we have more creativity guys? Or at least a better colour sense? No way would I want to see a jhataak and dinchaak colours, but take lessons from SRK’s KKRs!

My friend Carlo is already capturing moments at Port Elizabeth that he will surely like to show his grandchildren a few years down the line! Carlo, I hope you get to see one of those “I was there” moments! My next few posts will include the view through his lenses! Beware, some of them would make you jealous! It already has in my case!

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IPL is here: My Loyalties

Recently, the firm that I work for (by now, you all know which one) became the ‘Tech-Partner’ for the Rajasthan Royals squad in IPL. Must say, quite an impressive term is this ‘technology partner’! Ok, now without really going beyond the obvious (interpretation), the loyalties of some of the people in my firm have slowly shifted towards the Shane Warne-led side. No issues whatsoever! Everyone’s got their own choices! So, which team will be rooting for this IPL season?

Without the blink of an eye – Mumbai Indians! Reasons? Pretty Simple!

  1. It’s my city and I am a Mumbaikar!
  2. Sachin Tendulkar, the opening batsman alongside Sanath Jayasurya
  3. Sachin Tendulkar, the captain in the shortest version
  4. Sachin Tendulkar, the bowler who can bowl almost everything!
  5. Sachin Tendulkar, the bubbly fielder!

These of course are reasons other than the fact that I love the involvement of Shaun Pollock (lovingly called Polly kakka by the MI paltan last year) and Jonty Rhodes (My nephew is named after him)! There’s no way that I would think twice before supporting MIs!

And where does this leave Rajashtan Royals in my scheme of things? Not in the top 3 for sure! Kolkata Knight Riders (despite the confusing multiple captain theory by Prof. John) and Bangalore Royal Challengers (despite it being owned by a ‘what’s that guys name?’) would be rooted for as well by this mallu. And now with one of my favourites Mohammad Kaif being shown the door by RR, they may not even be in my top seven! My company’s loyalist may not like this blog post at all! All I can say is I am waiting for Saturday! Fourty-odd days of fun! Go Indians go!!!

Right now, if you ask me who I am most jealous of. I’d say my good ol’ buddy Carlo Bugger! He’d be around in South Africa during the IPL! Carlo my friend! Have a blast at Port Elizabeth! Guys, check this blog for more as Carlo will be sending some of the pics he took at the IPL! Would be fun to watch them “from a viewer’s perspective!”

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Mission Impossible?

Place: 5 Spice, Fort, Mumbai
Date: March 13, 2009
Time: 1:55 PM
Number of People: 6
Food: Dessert – a 5 Spice Special!
Mission Impossible

Mission Accomplished!

A Confession: I ate about 70% of that! Was challenged to eat the entire thing, but the others around me couldn’t resist and had to dig in!

Happy Eating! But watch that water falling from between your two sets of 16!!!

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