Here’s a bedtime story that I told a friend who claimed to have lost sleep after hearing this. So, read this at your own risk! Don’t blame me later! And if you do have a kid, don’t blame me if they encourage thoughts of never sleeping in the same room as you if & after you read them this!

Long long time ago, there was a cow. That cow was a big fat buffalo. That buffalo delivered an egg everyday. One day, the buffalo’s eggs hatched and out came two beautiful ducklings!

These ducklings grew up to be strong and smart. After studies, they got a nice job as nice big elephants!

These elephants, since they were good boys, married within their caste- two beautiful ants! These elephants-ants couples were so loving and perfect that they finally gave birth to two cute penguins!

But one of the penguin- Piggy, was so naughty that he ran away from his family to Nicaragua. There he met his long-lost best friend- Tiger. The other penguin meanwhile, spent quality time with his cobra cousins, teaching them tricks and trades on how to hit those between the legs Tennis shots!

Piggy Penguin and Tiger, in the meantime, had a fall-out over their favourite lunch- the Rhino fry! Before Piggy could kill him, the Tiger eloped with Piggy’s love- The Cockroach.

Heartbroken, Piggy finally thought of his family back home in the Sahara. He soon returned to his near and dear ones. But just as he thought all was well, he received a shocker. That his Elephant Pappa, whom he has been calling his pappa all these years, is not actually his pappa. It was in fact, it was in fact, Giraffe uncle, whom he always wondered why he has an uncanny resemblance to?!

With tears in his eyes, piggy hugged his old pappa elephant, yet, secretly happy that at least now he has a tall & handsome daddy and not a fatty!

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