Two places where you’d surely receive praises a-plenty: 1. Your Farewell & 2. Your Funeral. (“Bahut acha aadmi tha!”)
Two places were you’re sure you are the ‘Centre of everyone’s attention’: 1. Your Marriage & 2. Your Funeral. (Same Difference)
What’s the difference between a wedding and a funeral? In the former, you’re led to your death by someone holding your hand; in the latter, you’re led after your death by four people holding your casket.
People tell me that the time is now ripe for me to get married. My reply: Jesus was crucified when He was 33. Why crucify me much earlier?
At your funeral, they will all cry. After your wedding, you were the only one crying.
PS: May this post not discourage you from marrying! These are just random thoughts posted to put a smile on your face, and to be used if you want to be a marriage emcee, who’d never be called to host again. Talking from experience folks! 

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