The Wait…

There I waited for her with bated breath. Thought she’d come, for surely, she knew my time, and she knew where I stood. The wait seemed longer than usual. I was tired, what with a long hard day at work! But with that hope in me, the tired body seemed secondary.
Was I too late? I don’t think so. I’ve seen her before at this hour too. Negativity begins to reign at an hour like this. Was she asked out before by someone else? Is she already taken? Has she become somebody else’s already? Suddenly, hopes begin to fall off, one after the other- like a pack of cards. Slowly, I start my walk of failure, or at least that’s what it felt to me! Slowly as I began to tread back home, the last of those cards seem to have fallen within me. I wished there was someone to hold me. Someone to comfort me. Someone to walk with me. No. Alone I always was in this walk, and alone I always will be.
Wait a minute. Is that her? And she ain’t with anyone! Wohooo! Here was my chance, and I wasn’t gonna let it slip. She stopped right beside me. Almost breathless with my little walk and nervousness combined, I finally popped the question, “Bhaaisaab, Patharli jaaoge?”
“Nahi boss. Aaj rickshaw strike hai!”

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