Dear AB de Villiers, I hate you!

Dear AB,

Honestly, I hate your guts! I always have! You have no fear. None. Maybe that is why you’re a super-hero!

I hate it that you play for South Africa (and not for India), and for that team down south in the IPL. And yet, you’re equally liked by all. Maybe that is why you’re a super-hero.

I hate it that you can do almost everything that this sport throws at you and be the best in all of them, (and I cannot even dream of them)! You can do it all! Maybe that is why you are a super-hero! Maybe you should try flying.


But today, it wasn’t about you. It was about the men you led. It was about those men, women and children back home whom you were playing for. The scorecard would say you came second best, but for the world who witnessed this epic drama unfold today, there were no losers. Only heroes.

I come from a land where heroes are not just spoken of highly. They are worshipped. They are revered, to the point that some have demi-god statuses with houses of worship dedicated to them, much to their own disgust. I don’t know how it is back in your country, but I do hope that by the time your flight lands in Cape Town or Johannesburg, you would receive a welcome fit for warriors returning triumphantly from a battle.

What your boys and you churned out in partnership with the Black Caps last evening at Auckland was not just a Cricket Match. It was a classic, scripted probably in a parallel universe that had no negative characters, and definitely no villains. A movie where all 22 protagonists could easily have walked in slow-mo as the end credits rolled away. A movie that had 22 super-heroes, each heading back victorious – half of them more so, and the other half with heavy eyes and heavier hearts.

I can understand the tears. Everyone could. Men do cry. Today, we saw that super-heroes cry too. And we cried with our super-heroes. Tears were shed, because you were that close to shedding that dreaded tag. But there was no shame. No heads hung down. You were only just pipped at the finish line by a team who were as gentle, yet as brutal as you were, perhaps a tad more today!

You had given it your all. You were right. You had left it all in that arena. To your last drop of sweat, and to that last sap of energy! I could only follow the match on CricInfo and yet my palms were sweating. Then it went numb, when I saw that three letter word ‘SIX’ next to the number 42.5! I can imagine how you felt. Actually, I cannot. Only your men and you would know what you went through!

I dare not watch the highlights. The images of your country’s (and now, my) heroes weeping had made its way to Twitter. Those were enough to make me put on my ‘Braveheart’ mask to hide my moist eyes. And when you said those right things post-match, one could feel those words were from a leader of a very proud pack. They, the men, women and children that you gave it all, will still be proud of you guys, AB. They will be. The entire cricketing world is!

Yes, be upset. Be disappointed. But be back soon, and entertain us again. Because that is what super-heroes do! As your coach kept reminding you, “The sun will come up again tomorrow.” It will.

A Cricket Fan!


  1. Brilliant dude..really nicely written..AB in a truest sense is a super human n a winner irrespective to the reault ystrday..

  2. Sri Ganesh

    Good one Blessen…

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