It was just a regular run-of-the-mill day, or so I thought. I have my best conversations with dad when I am driving, and he is on the passenger’s seat. As much as possible, I try to keep the mood light for he is a person with a tender heart, also making him susceptible to be tense real quick!

That was soon to change, when close to a turn, we saw a little boy of not more than 2, standing on the road, oblivious to the passing machines! My dad let out a loud enough sigh, and we both scanned the road to see if the little explorer had a guardian around him. None! As my car raced closer to him, I could notice the two-year-old bending down, picking something and in the act of tasting that ‘treasure’ he found from the road. It will be a good time to add that it a ‘treasure’ that was lying terribly close to the industrial waste dumped nearby! My dad kept asking, “Isn’t anyone with him?” And I could just mumble something under my breath with the sight from my rearview mirror showing me the little ‘lost’ boy taking small strides that only his tiny feet could take.

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