It was just a regular run-of-the-mill day, or so I thought. I have my best conversations with dad when I am driving, and he is on the passenger’s seat. As much as possible, I try to keep the mood light for he is a person with a tender heart, also making him susceptible to be tense real quick!

That was soon to change, when close to a turn, we saw a little boy of not more than 2, standing on the road, oblivious to the passing machines! My dad let out a loud enough sigh, and we both scanned the road to see if the little explorer had a guardian around him. None! As my car raced closer to him, I could notice the two-year-old bending down, picking something and in the act of tasting that ‘treasure’ he found from the road. It will be a good time to add that it a ‘treasure’ that was lying terribly close to the industrial waste dumped nearby! My dad kept asking, “Isn’t anyone with him?” And I could just mumble something under my breath with the sight from my rearview mirror showing me the little ‘lost’ boy taking small strides that only his tiny feet could take.

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It has been ages since I blogged for Malluisms, primarily because of my own laziness, and also partly (and this is a good enough excuse) because I have been trying to launch a ‘universal-unified’ site for a year or more. And finally, that day has come to pass! As I begin this second innings, I sincerely hope that I will be more regular at what I like doing – no, not cooking snake meat, but writing.

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The Wait…

There I waited for her with bated breath. Thought she’d come, for surely, she knew my time, and she knew where I stood. The wait seemed longer than usual. I was tired, what with a long hard day at work! But with that hope in me, the tired body seemed secondary.
Was I too late? I don’t think so. I’ve seen her before at this hour too. Negativity begins to reign at an hour like this. Was she asked out before by someone else? Is she already taken? Has she become somebody else’s already? Suddenly, hopes begin to fall off, one after the other- like a pack of cards. Slowly, I start my walk of failure, or at least that’s what it felt to me! Slowly as I began to tread back home, the last of those cards seem to have fallen within me. I wished there was someone to hold me. Someone to comfort me. Someone to walk with me. No. Alone I always was in this walk, and alone I always will be.
Wait a minute. Is that her? And she ain’t with anyone! Wohooo! Here was my chance, and I wasn’t gonna let it slip. She stopped right beside me. Almost breathless with my little walk and nervousness combined, I finally popped the question, “Bhaaisaab, Patharli jaaoge?”
“Nahi boss. Aaj rickshaw strike hai!”

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 Two places where you’d surely receive praises a-plenty: 1. Your Farewell & 2. Your Funeral. (“Bahut acha aadmi tha!”)
Two places were you’re sure you are the ‘Centre of everyone’s attention’: 1. Your Marriage & 2. Your Funeral. (Same Difference)
What’s the difference between a wedding and a funeral? In the former, you’re led to your death by someone holding your hand; in the latter, you’re led after your death by four people holding your casket.
People tell me that the time is now ripe for me to get married. My reply: Jesus was crucified when He was 33. Why crucify me much earlier?
At your funeral, they will all cry. After your wedding, you were the only one crying.
PS: May this post not discourage you from marrying! These are just random thoughts posted to put a smile on your face, and to be used if you want to be a marriage emcee, who’d never be called to host again. Talking from experience folks! 

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People are quite often amused with my belief in GOD. The primary reason for my love for JESUS is the fact that without any effort of my own, I am heir to HIS Kingdom, bought with a high price of HIS blood through HIS crucifixion at Calvary. But if you ask me, why did He have to do that? Precisely. HE didn’t have to. But HE wanted to, so that the world that was heading towards eternal destruction and doom could have a reason for eternal hope and joy. And JESUS volunteered!

While that is ‘The’ reason for my belief, recently, I have been falling deeper in love with HIM after watching and going through some of HIS artistic ‘show-off’! While I knew he loved me, these videos woke me up to the magnitude of HIS love. Pastor Louie Giglio’s talks have largely been influential in letting me just be spell-bound by the awesomeness of this Big Huge GOD that I serve, who also chose to love big!
This Indescribable lecture by Pastor Giglio talks about the grace of GOD that is nothing less than astronomical! The pastor beautifully describes the vastness of the universe and where we stand in this wide expanse, and how despite our ‘smallness’, JESUS became ‘small’ for us!
The ‘How Great is our GOD’ lecture is not just about the beauty of creation, but about how GOD holds together His most precious creation – us!

In this video, he explains how GOD has programmed the creation to sing and give Him praise through a neat little mash-up of songs that the stars’ and whales’ sing.
While these videos have been doing the round, I got a link today which led me to a brilliantly-designed interactive flash site, where the size of a normal human being is compared to the universe around us. Keep moving the navigation bar to the right to ‘reach’ the ‘human’ figure. Keep moving it further to see the ‘human’ disappear into distance. This just left me as stunned as the videos themselves as I kept zooming out, and realised how small the mankind really is!

Apart from these, my constant visits to NASA’s have left me speechless with the magnanimity of our universe. I am no expert in space. Neither am I good in science. But merely the smaller everyday world around me is enough to convince me that there’s a larger power at play here. I am not opening yet another debate on ‘Creation v/s Evolution’, nor am I interested in one. I am no authority. But I am convinced about my great big GOD! And with the kind of love He has showered upon me, I don’t have a choice but to fall deeper in love with Him.
As Pastor Giglio would say, “I am not making you feel small. I am telling you We ARE small!” And for these small people like you and me, did JESUS willingly volunteer to come and become like one of us, but die the death of a criminal on the cross, so that by HIS blood, each (yes, each) one of us would be redeemed and be saved. And the good news is that HE’s still alive and well. The tomb is empty. The stone is rolled away. Jesus has risen!

Blogger’s Note: It seems the link to Scale of the Universe was getting redirected to a Home Page, from where navigation to the flash file was tougher. There, this Post was edited at 11:30 PM with a new link leading to the swf (which disappointingly, is smaller than what I’d seen first)

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Here’s a bedtime story that I told a friend who claimed to have lost sleep after hearing this. So, read this at your own risk! Don’t blame me later! And if you do have a kid, don’t blame me if they encourage thoughts of never sleeping in the same room as you if & after you read them this!

Long long time ago, there was a cow. That cow was a big fat buffalo. That buffalo delivered an egg everyday. One day, the buffalo’s eggs hatched and out came two beautiful ducklings!

These ducklings grew up to be strong and smart. After studies, they got a nice job as nice big elephants!

These elephants, since they were good boys, married within their caste- two beautiful ants! These elephants-ants couples were so loving and perfect that they finally gave birth to two cute penguins!

But one of the penguin- Piggy, was so naughty that he ran away from his family to Nicaragua. There he met his long-lost best friend- Tiger. The other penguin meanwhile, spent quality time with his cobra cousins, teaching them tricks and trades on how to hit those between the legs Tennis shots!

Piggy Penguin and Tiger, in the meantime, had a fall-out over their favourite lunch- the Rhino fry! Before Piggy could kill him, the Tiger eloped with Piggy’s love- The Cockroach.

Heartbroken, Piggy finally thought of his family back home in the Sahara. He soon returned to his near and dear ones. But just as he thought all was well, he received a shocker. That his Elephant Pappa, whom he has been calling his pappa all these years, is not actually his pappa. It was in fact, it was in fact, Giraffe uncle, whom he always wondered why he has an uncanny resemblance to?!

With tears in his eyes, piggy hugged his old pappa elephant, yet, secretly happy that at least now he has a tall & handsome daddy and not a fatty!

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