The Scented Trash Bag

Here’s a little secret – I enjoy shopping, even if it’s for essentials required for home. I’m usually the ‘chosen one’ from my family that end up going to the supermarket with my mom’s list of groceries and what-nots every month. One of the items that makes it to the list every second month is that black 20 something microns black pastic that we all know as the trash bag. So, in one of my recent shopping trips to the supermarket, I happened to chance upon what was a first for me: packets of Scented Trash Bags! Curiosity killed a cat sometime back, but it made me actually touch those packets with my nose. The packet was not lying. It did have a fragrance! So much so, that I had second thoughts of buying that over a much cheaper option that was already in my trolley. On my drive back home, as strange as it may sound, that scented bag got me thinking.

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