Spotting ‘you’ in God’s photograph

Imagine standing in the middle of a crowd that is ‘happy-go-lucky’ and carefree, with absolutely no fear in the world. And somebody clicks a photograph of the crowd. Ever thought how you, Mr/Ms Child of God, will look in that pic? Will you be standing out in the crowd? Or will your presence be missed in the picture because you were just one among the many behaving exactly like them?

Recently, I read an article where a company is experimenting with the concept of a camera that records our life in every 30 second interval. While that, in today’s world, is hardly a surprising innovation, it will still miss out on many important instances of our lives. But, the fact is our Father in Heaven has a record of every nanosecond of our life. And If He decides to develop those records into photographs and host a photo exhibition of my life so far, there’d be countless photographs that I’d personally be ashamed of, and would want to tear off forever. Fortunately for me (and I guess for most of us), He doesn’t exhibit our worst moments with the world. Rather, He exhibits His grace immeasurable!

Unfortunately, it’s this very grace of God that can be taken for granted. Yes, His grace is available and is enough, but we do not have any right to abuse this priceless gift of God! Many of us work in the corporate world. I myself am an erstwhile journalist, and most of my friends come from that background. Their thoughts, ideologies, language, behaviour are diametrically opposite to mine. Well, most of them are! And it is difficult to work together with them as a team if we don’t compromise on our Godly standards, right? Wrong! We can work very well with our colleagues and continue being their friends while being obedient to God.

The problem happens when we stop following what Paul said to Timothy in his first letter: “To flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart,” and start wrongly interpreting 2 Corinthians 12:9: “My grace is sufficient for you!” Grace of God indeed gives us strength to endure circumstances resulting out of following the will of God! But the fact of the matter is that fleeing from temptations is very much a ‘will of God’. As my good friend Pastor Priji Varghese puts it, “Fleeing is not passive; it is an active role where you have to control certain areas and aspects of your life with the strength of the Holy Spirit.”

Many of us yearn for acceptance from people more than acceptance from God. And that is done when we start compromising on our language, our behaviour and eventually, our belief system. Sadly though, this may win us friends here, but friendship with God will highly be compromised. Often, the desire to tag along with peers so that you can get some recognition is a myth, a false belief. Be different. Stand out. They would recognise (and even respect) you for your different nature.

Today, check if there are areas in our life where we have compromised on what we’ve been taught by the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit pinching you every time you’re about to set aside His teachings? If so, flee! Else, we may look attractive for the world (and even get many ‘likes’) in that group photograph, but for God, you may just end up being one among the crowd.  Let God our Father spot ‘you’ with ease in His photographs!

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