March out in 2013

Here’s wishing the few kind souls who read my blog a very Happy New Year.

True to our traditions, especially if you happen to be a Malayalee Pentecostal, we would have had a fantastic thanksgiving service on the 31st of December, running right into the early hours of the new year. And most of us would have seen and heard a repeat ‘telecast’ of the testimonies that were shared in 2012. ‘Repeat telecast’ because more often than not, it ends up being a renewal of a new decision than a testimony about the completion of the earlier one.

While we cannot pinpoint with accuracy on what 2013 has in store for us, we can be assured that if we are on God’s side, He has some huge plans for you this year. Let us however march into this year with a new rigour, and with a determination not to be mere repeat telecasters of the testimony we shared on the midnight of 2011/12!

For one, the time of going around in circles in our spiritual lives is over. Israel did so for 40 years after they were released by God from the slavery in Egypt. They moved all over the place for four decades when the promise land was just a few days’ journey away. The day we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, the days of our slavery to sin and devil were over. Our walk with God and our spiritual journey had begun there. But let’s introspect ourselves, and that includes this writer. Where are we from the day we started? Are we anywhere close to the promises declared on us, yet? If not, why?


1 Corinthians 10: 1-5 onwards points out that God was with Israel all through the wilderness. Yet, barring two, all of them who began the journey fell short! The portion shows that it is very much possible to enjoy every spiritual blessing from Him, and yet not have a relationship with Him as He’d like to have with us. The two that eventually reached the promise land were the only two among the 12 scouts sent out as spies to return with a positive report (Numbers 13). Joshua and Caleb didn’t see big warriors in the giant-infested territories they spied, but saw their much bigger Captain God.  So desperate were they to convince the ‘nay-sayers’ about God that they tore their clothing! (Numbers 14:6,7)

Too often we have moved around in the comfort of our own little spiritual tents, happy with our private spiritual lives with our family prayers and by being a Sunday-to-Sunday believer. And while we have been at it, the enemy has been slowly building walls around the land and is having his way. The recent dreadful cases in the past year in our country prove that. And all these despite the obvious presence of God’s children – we, the ‘light-carriers’, in the land! My friend Pastor Priji is right! We ought to hold ourselves responsible for the mess that our country finds itself in.

There has never been a better time to get out of our tents, and start marching around the walls of Jericho that the enemy has built (Joshua 6). When we, together as one church, move around and agree in prayer, there’s no wall too high, or too wide that can stop God’s army from entering in and claiming possession.

Indeed, the time of roaming around is over. It is now time to march right in and stake our claim on the land.  It doesn’t matter how big the giants seem to be in front of us. Things may not be rosy from the natural eye. But get into the spiritual realm and start seeing our God working on our behalf for the land if we just say, “Aye Captain!”

It doesn’t matter how many we have on our side. With God on our side, even two out of 12 is a majority! Remember, the land we live on will eventually be taken over by our Lord, but would we rather be with the two who were there, or with the other 10 who didn’t get to see what was in-store!

Break the clay jars. Let the torch burn. One essential thing as we go on in our march is to ensure that it is not us, who’d take glory, but Jesus, our Commander-in-Chief. Gideon and his 300 men went against an army that looked like a swarm of locusts armed with horns, and clay jars with a torch in each of them. Only when the clay jars were broken and blazing torches held high did a panic-stricken enemy start running in all directions. (Judges 7:15-22). We are, but mere clay. But one thing we have is the Holy Spirit’s torch burning in us. In the right time, there would be a breaking needed, and only the Holy Spirit would be seen burning! We’re just mere clay that our Potter will use for His purpose. Only when we are totally submissive to His will can we see greater glory being revealed through us. If the blazing torches are to be seen, the clay jars need to be broken. Break the ‘I’ in each of us, and let His fire be seen. The darkness has no place in the presence of light.

God bless you. Once again, wishing you a ‘Marching in’ 2013!

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