When the staff struck the rock

I was going through the familiar portion in Numbers, of how Moses struck the staff on the rock in anger as the Israelites demanded for water.

A few insights from my Master came racing to my mind and I thought it’d be better to post it here in my largely unused and gathering-rust blog.

Before you go through the pointers below, I’d recommend you to read Numbers 20:1-12:

1. Authority was given to Moses to command. Yet, Moses used the staff in his hand. Authority has been given to us, and guess what? It rests on our tongues! Yet, we tend to use our own efforts over the already existing authority within us that we received as children of God. When it’s time to command- command! Don’t strike!


2. Aaron’s staff was kept before the Ark of Covenant. It had been in the presence of God. Implying that which was holy was eventually used in anger. Wondering how we end up doing that? Ask yourself – Do you use God given gifts to prove a point? It could be a powerful preaching done in anger against someone who had been an obstacle for our spiritual or ministerial growth. Or it could be that expression of ‘worship’ done to show the elders what ‘true worship’ is.

Watch out. It may produce immediate results. In the long run, we may miss out on His promises.

3. The man, who had stopped God’s wrath from destroying the Israelites, succumbed to his own anger! Just because we have displayed a fruit of the Spirit a few times doesn’t mean we should be over-confident and arrogant of having conquered everything associated with that fruit. If Moses failed, so can we. Let’s chuck our arrogance away. And pray for a constant renewal of and from the Holy Spirit.

4. When God says, just obey. And obey exactly as He says it. Don’t add or delete from His instructions. Do it His way. Not our way.

In your reading, did God give you more insights on the staff striking the rock, share them in the comments section.

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