Time to break ground!

It’s a parched land that we live in. And clearly, there’s a thirst all around. Thirst for truth. Thirst for something real. Thirst for SOMEONE real.But hey, where are those entrusted to take care of this parched land? Where are the trees that were to be planted to provide some relief and comfort to a land, now soon to be declared ‘unfit’ for harvest?

The truth, although bitter to the throat, is that the fruit-bearing trees never really sprang up! Or if they did, they stopped growing. Not only did they stop growing, they shrunk down beneath the ground.

The seeds were sown. The land was ripe. But, how can we push the mud on the ground apart and spring out? That’s too much of an effort! And we are not quite sure if it was well worth the risk!

The ‘we’ here refer to the present day church that we are in. It’s the ungrown/unborn tree that was supposed to provide relief and shade to the world from the wicked heat! We don’t want to break the norm and are not ready to take the risk of pushing the mud apart to break out into the parched world. Well, what more can we expect from ourselves? We couldn’t even move a mole hill, let alone have faith to move a mountain! But that’s exactly what GOD doesn’t want us to do! Have faith in ourselves, for we never can do it ourselves. We never could and never will. The sooner we realise this, the better it is! It’s precisely for this that HE has sent A HELPER among us-SOMEONE who wants to work through us and stop depending on our own efforts!

The SEED was already planted, but the church never sprang up out of that SEED, cause’ we seldom prayed for GOD to send the RAIN OF THE HOLY SPIRIT on the hungry ground. It’s as simple as that! No individual human effort. Ask for THAT RAIN and THE SEED will take roots. It will rip open the ground that so far was an obstacle too heavy to move. And it will do so with ease.

With the FOUNDATION that’s CHRIST JESUS as the firm & solid root, and the leaders as the strong stem, there’s no way that this church tree can be stopped now. With the constant rain of the HOLY SPIRIT, not only will it be a source of comfort to this weary land, but also will produce life-giving fruits to the travellers heading for doom and death!

Wake up church! Wake up from that comfort zone. It’s time to receive the RAIN and break the ground and provide life through CHRIST!

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