Love came down. Love healed. Love delivered. Love loved. Yet…

Love was betrayed. Love was denied. Love was deserted. Love was whipped. Love was beaten. Love was mocked. Love was spat on. Love was pierced. Love was nailed. Love was crucified. Love bled. Love bled again. And again. Then, Love breathed HIS last & died… Not before… Not before HE uttered in pain, “FATHER, forgive them for they know not what they do!” Yes. Love died! Cause’ Love loved.

Not for long. Not for long. In 3 days, Love conquered death. Love rose. Love lives today and forever! Love forgave. Love erased the past! Cause’ Love loved.

Love lives today and forever!

Feel betrayed? JESUS knows…
Feel lonely? JESUS knows…
Feel ‘this is it’? This ain’t it! There’s more. There’s more. There’s more.
Feel unloved? You aren’t! You’ve never been unloved. JESUS knew you. HE saw you from the cross. He walked out of the grave to come to you. To tell you, “MY son, my daughter,” (Yea, you heard that right. HE called you son. HE called you daughter) “you’ve never been unloved. Never! I love you. I love you! I always did. I always will!”

Friends, if you read this post and felt a change. A never-before experienced peace. A new feeling of being loved by SOMEONE far greater than your closest friend or family. You’ve just experienced GOD! The true living GOD. The only ONE- JESUS CHRIST!

Pray this simple prayer to call unto HIM as your LORD and SAVIOUR:
Lord JESUS, today I experience you personally. Thank you JESUS for forgiving me. For erasing my past. For giving me a new beginning. Today, I accept YOU, JESUS, as my LORD and SAVIOUR of my life! Thank YOU for loving me. In JESUS’ NAME- Amen!


  1. god bless u bro…may He use u more in the coming days to bring people to his kingdom…

  2. Ansa Jacob

    Awesome blessencha… God bless you abundantly

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