Leaving Corporate. Joining Jesus.

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. To put it mildly, things have been quite ‘active’ at the Varghese Residency. If the first pictures that came racing to your mind were that of some busy bodies at work inside a big bungalow, you’re requested to downgrade your imagination a bit. Varghese Residency is a 2 BHK on-loan home, where the eldest Varghese spent most of his time in bed recovering from a surgery, brother Varghese got a transfer back to Mumbai, and me – I quit.

By now, most of you already know a thing or two about the call I received to ‘Leave Corporate. Join Jesus.’ Those who have received that calling in the past will testify that it will be downright silly to ignore that voice. To quote my now-former boss when I sent him my resignation sometime in early May, “How can I compete against Jesus and win? How can the company compete against Jesus and win?” So, in obedience to the voice and a call that cannot be ignored, 31st of July 2014 happened to be my last ‘corporate day’.

How did I come to this decision? Most look to hear prophetic voices from anointed servants of God to know the perfect time to enter the Lord’s vineyard. Nothing wrong with that, for even I’ve been hearing these voices on and off for at least half a decade. The only difference was that there was no specific pushing I received directly from my Lord about the timing. Till last year, that is.


After spending over seven years in the same company, two things can happen. You could either become frustrated and would look for the first opportunity to jump out, or get so comfortable that you’d want encourage thoughts of retiring in that organization. I was slowly moving into that second category, while also knowing that there was a calling over my life. My 9-6 job was perfect in terms of my work profile, colleagues, location, timing, and of course, money. With my weekends off, I had much of my time for myself and the bouts of ministering opportunities. I was climbing the corporate ladder, and earning enough respect from my peers and supervisors. It was perfect, in every sense. God, though, had other ideas. As always!

There was still that voice within me saying, “This is not it, Blessen!” Almost every day I would step inside the office, and I got the feeling that this is not going to be forever. More than seven years should be enough to make one feel at home in his/her office desk. Yes, I did feel at home, but it felt more like a rented home, from where I will soon be moving out. And with my raises and ratings, I felt God prodding me saying, “At your best here, I will hire you!” I heard this in 2013, and I could sense something’s got to give in 2014. It was confirmed through the word of prophesy by Evg Shyju Mathew in the August of 2013. I knew, it was about time to start packing my bags, figuratively at least.

A few more confirmations were to follow. Towards the end of 2013, I would start telling my closest friends and family about my decision to quit. The timing- sometime in the middle of 2014! Pastor Priji (who helped me set this site up) was one among them. A few seconds later on Whatsapp, he pinged me a screenshot. A couple of days prior to my message to him revealing God’s plan over me, he had created a line-up for guest speakers in 2014 to Bangalore Revival Center, the church he pioneered. Next to July was the name – Pastor Blessen Varghese. He revealed that he had written the word ‘Pastor’ in faith!

This was only the first of a few more confirmations I received from thereon, details of which I will abstain from writing here. All I can say is, there were enough cues to tell me that there is a completion of “At your best here, I will hire you!” HE had sent his appointment letter. I was to accept the offer. I did. “The harvest is plenty. Labourers are few,” said Jesus. And when He invites me to be one, there was no way I could say “No” to work under the Best Boss ever– Jesus Christ.

After leaving my first job in a not-so-Godly way, I had learnt my lessons. At the turn of the year, I was already telling my closest buddies in office about my decision to quit the company. My supervisor, who in his own words, used to “count on me” was told about it more than two months before my last working day. So, the corporate world and I parted in the very best of terms, even with an offer, “anytime you want to come back, you are more than welcome to join us again!” I do plan to go back. But only to see the friends I made there and to enjoy some awesome food from the restaurants near my office. Old office! For now, my new office awaits – The Lord’s Vineyard.

Meanwhile, please do leave your comment(s) below on how you find this new blog. It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for giving me the gift of writing. I am still sharpening that skill, and this is one attempt in doing so. Much thanks also to Pastor Shyju Mathew (www.revivenations.org) for pushing me to combine my two blogs into one; Pastor Priji Varghese for facilitating and doing all the setting up needed for this blog – do visit his wonderful site at www.pastorpriji.com; Robin Singh and Reno John for selflessly rendering their help with the technical corrections needed to bring this one up!


  1. Siji R. Daniel

    Proud of you Brother! Would love to read your thoughts! Loads of love and prayers!

  2. jibi mathew

    very thankful to GOd to have a brother like you may God ues you mightily in the coming days….

    • Blessen

      Thank you Jibi! God’s grace. That is all I can say! God bless you!

  3. Shaila George

    Good…awaiting to read more so that will b encouraged more.. Thanks Pastor Blesson 🙂

    • Blessen

      hi Shaila!

      Thanks for visiting the blog! Not a Pastor, yet! 🙂 You can continue calling me by my name! 😀

  4. Hey buddy,

    I have been so proud of your accomplishments in Christ all through my life. And it wont be a surprise to you that i shed couple of tears as I read this blog and saw your own website.

    Wishing you many more accomplishments in Christ.

    Live like HE did.

    Loads of love.
    Lincy Santhosh

    • Blessen

      Thank you LS!

      I really haven’t accomplished anything, but have realised that I can’t waste a God-given gift! Thank you for standing by – both you and the Husband! 🙂

  5. Jijomon Skariah

    Awesome blog, blessoncha! May God use you all the more in the days to come!

  6. Proud of you my friend. I see glorious days ahead for you.

  7. Prince Scaria

    Hey Bro,

    Your life has always been an inspiration and this yet another one.

    Would love to see you write more and I know that God is going to use you like you have never imagined. God bless you..


    • Blessen

      Thanks da! Much thankful to you guys for standing by and backing in prayers and encouragement! Not sure if anything could’ve happened without it!

  8. Pristy

    Awesome Blessen..glad to c ur own page awaiting to read more in d coming days.May d Almighty use u even more fr his kingdom..God bless

  9. This is so amazing Blessen!
    However, for someone who has known you for more than a decade, your decision could very easily have been “Leave College, follow Jesus” coz such were your ways even in college.
    The way you behaved, your views, the way you spoke about the Lord… all of this led us to believe that there was indeed a greater calling for you (even if you needed a few more years to pay heed to that call)
    I know that this is going to be a very successful career change but nevertheless you have our love and support as you continue down this path you have chosen!
    Looking forward to many more posts; be it about your life everyday or about your teachings about Jesus.
    Cheers Mallu! You’re blessed!!!!!

    • Blessen

      Wow, This is a classic eulogy! 😉

      Thanks Carlo! I knew deep within, I wasn’t ready in college to ‘Go Jesus!’, and more than me, Jesus knew it! So, I guess the timing is perfect now!

      Thanks for your love and support as well. As always!

  10. Aarti Pal

    God bless u!!

  11. Rony John

    Praise God.
    This is indeed a very inspirational and thoughtful blog. Keep up the good work brother. The title ‘Leaving Corporate. Joining Jesus’ are mere words but I am sure it has got a real sense of selflessness and immense love towards God and His people in terms of its meaning. This is undoubtedly an outstanding promotion. Looking ahead to hear more from you. Praying. God bless.

  12. Liju Mathew

    An Amazing write-up & testimony of Jesus calling.
    This itself exemplifies the true calling of Jesus Christ and a faithful servant in his vineyard.
    May God bless you abundantly!!

  13. God Bless.

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