Malluisms, formerly hosted as a site, was where I took to blogging. Starting off as a purely personal account of what I was all about, it evolved (very slowly) into a combination of my opinions on Sports (with a good dose of Cricket-related blogs), Mumbai (with my observations during my local train travelling topping that list), Mallus, and anything that would inject a bit of writing dose in me.

While I haven’t been a frequent blogger, partly due to lack of ideas but majorly due to sheer laziness, this reformed blog hopefully will bring in some reforms in the frequency of my writings too. I don’t really have an opinion on everything and anything under the sun, yet through this renewed effort, you’ll find a lot of Mumbai, Cricket (and Sports), Malluisms and me, mixed with some dose of sarcasm and general topics. Enjoy…

Ok, Enough! Just take me to the site >>

Clarification: The guy in this pic is NOT me. He was neither trying to catch a train, nor (to the best of my knowledge) trying to commit suicide!